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Peaks Audio Productions exists as a full service turn-key audio/visual production resource. Operating in Arizona along with boarding western states, we provide premium production services and serve as a means to connect performers with their audience.

Catering to a variety of concerts, festivals, political campaigns, corporate seminars, touring band support, rental equipment as well as system integrations, we supply industry standard audio, lighting, staging, and video support for events.

Peaks is equipped to provide our clients with premium staff from stagehands, up and down riggers, audio and video engineers, lighting designers, and system technicians.

As a full service production company, we meet all technical needs with the highest quality gear, including: FOH, and monitor systems, flown and ground supported light rigs, video equipment backline, and staging.

Peaks Audio has always gone above and beyond to ensure that events go well! Staff is friendly, helpful, and always willing to assist.
— Claire, City of Flagstaff Public Works